The CCCC is the recognised breed club for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Canada.  Our club is open to everyone with an interest in these great dogs.

Mark your calendars, put on your party duds for:
in the lovely city of of Kitchener Ontario
May 16–18, 2020
Five opportunities for Championship points!
Saturday Specialty – Judge:Kim Vigso Nielsen
Sweepstakes – Judge: Patrick Smith
All Breed -JTBA
Group 7 show – JTBA
Sunday Supported Entry – Judge: Ron Mahon
Monday – All breed – JTBA
as well there are 3 CKC Rally Obedience trials, 3 CKC agility trials 
For further information Contact Show Chair Shelley Camm – shelley.camm@yasashiikuma.com  or follow our Facebook page “2020 CCCC National Specialty 5/16/2020”.  Premium list will be available on Canuck Dogs https://www.canuckdogs.com
We look forward to seeing you at the party!

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