Beka Wins the Pearl Trophy


Beka (Finnshavn Willow Flats Tuktu HI CGN HRD1-s RLF1-s STDs STDd STDc) was awarded the 2010 Pearl Trophy for the Cardigan Corgi with highest combined scores in her best three herding trials in the year. It was her second Pearl Trophy in as many years. Other highlights in 2010 for Beka and her handler/owner Anne Gunn were being High in Trial in an all-breed stockdog trial, and winning the Pepsi Trophy for stockmanship for the second year. Finally, they qualified for and competed in the First Canadian National All-Breed Herding Showcase in Ontario.


Nine-year-old Beka is known for her quiet, deliberate herding style. She gives the stock just enough pressure to move, while rarely causing the animals to run.


She is also a sweet house pet.


Anne had never trained a dog before Beka.


Congratulations, Anne!

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