2011 Trophies

Jake (Welgem’s Black Opal) is the 2011 winner of the Pearl Trophy

Jake (Welgem’s Black Opal HS, CGN, RLF1-s) was awarded the 2011 Pearl Trophy for the Cardigan Corgi with highest combined scores in his best three herding trials in 2011. Highlights in 2011 for Jake and his handler/owner Anne Gunn were being Reserve High in Trial in an all-breed arena trial, completing his Ranch Large Flock (level 1) title and then they qualified for and competed in the Second Canadian National All-Breed Herding Showcase in BC.

Those titles have not come easily. Jake has taken a lot of convincing that fast and hard is not the only way to work. He has plenty of eye, so Anne and her patient trainers are working with him to get him to use that eye to work stock respectfully. He has power and is learning to face pressure without using speed to get the sheep going.

However, he is maturing and with experience, settling down (well, mostly) into a good stock dog and a real partner on the farm.

He is fun to work with given his talent and honesty – he really tries to figure things out now especially as he has matured and gained confidence. His outrun has improved and he is learning to work in large fields as well as dealing with the pressure of small pens.

Photos by Randy Kelley.

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