2012 NaBs Winner


Lore Bruder writes: Remi had his 2nd birthday on March 27, 2013 and he has been a winner since he popped out. A tip of the hat to Stephanie Toman for his mom Daisy-May (East Dawn Victory Ridge) and Charlie for Wiser (Finnshavn Wisers Canajun Eh) dad. It was a surprise breeding that has turned out to be the best thing ever! He took the show ring by storm got his CH in no time with several puppy group first and made the first cut at group level against some very nice adults. HIs Rally novice was with 1 high in class and 2 seconds, his sister beat him out for high in class twice! But at least it stayed in the family. His herding tested was done with clean back to back runs! I have been working on getting him to slow down and go wider, he is a really keen dog and so eager to learn. I have to remind my self he is only two! Remi received the honour of being the best Blue Merle Cardigan for 2012. He follows in a group of very special Blue Merle winners from the Bluetrix house: Spuddie, Keeper and Lazor all had this very special honour as well. He had some very stiff competition in 2012 from some very worthy dogs with excellent handlers! That makes this even all the more special. We are looking forward to another year of great things! Best of luck to all for 2013!

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