February Welcome

New for February: We start 2015 with a warm welcome to Cam Venezuela (a new CCCC member) and her very special Cardigan, Gracie. Gracie made a long trip from the US with a stop with Kathryn Arthur at Esrohollows where she was bred to Can GCH Am CH Esrohollow Radsprings Tuhmater Can/Am HT.  After raising her  6 puppies in June  2014, Gracie stayed in Ontario and went home with Cam.



Most people who see Gracie for the first time usually don’t know what to make of her, but they’re charmed by her friendly demeanor and her willingness to go belly-up anywhere for some tummy rubs.  She often gets called “puppy” even if she’s already six years old because of her short stature.  She’s very friendly with people and made friends with the salespeople at Ren’s Pets Depot and the tellers at the bank.  They’re regularly Jedi mind tricked into giving her multiple treats.





What not many people know is that her full name is Am Ch Cerridwen Amazing Grace and that she used to compete in conformation when she was younger.  She also has a herding instinct certification, which explains why she sometimes tries to herd people in the direction she want them to go.





These days, she lives a very leisurely life: lots of naps and belly rubs, long walks when it’s nice out, play time with her favourite stuffed toys, and road trips to interesting places.  She also interacts with other corgis all over the world through Instagram, where she’s @earsfordays.


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