March Upates



Memberships . . . yes, it’s that time of year that membership fees are due (end of March). Why not join (or re-join) us as we are a special group of people – special because we have a Cardigan (or several) or are interested in having one. We are remarkably diverse in our interests and backgrounds but we all share a passion for the Cardigan breed. This means that there is a range of knowledge and experience to be tapped into – if you have questions about Cardigans, we have member who can help you. We have a Yahoo list, a web site and a regular publication to share views and news.



March-2True to their breed origins as a farm dog in the hills of Wales, Cardigans are a hard-working herding dog. As well they are versatile and a loyal family dog. You can see Cardigans excelling in agility, rally, obedience, scent work, herding ducks, sheep or cattle and, most of all, as wonderful companions. Cardigans are a healthy long-lived breed and keep working even in their teens.


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