Cardigan Welsh Corgis – a versatile working breed

cccc-1Cardigans are true to their history as a herding breed from farms in the Welsh hills. They are versatile and hard-working and true partners. The Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club works to encourage the spirit of partnership with this wonderful working breed and every year, the Club award trophies to recognize the versatility and herding ability of Cardigans. This year’s winner of both the Pearl Trophy (herding) and the NaBs Trophy (versatility) is Lore Bruder’s CH Bluetrix Remington Ranch Hand  CGN  RA SDSS SS.


cccc-2Lore writes: Having titles at both ends in 4 different areas shows just how versatile these dogs are.  Training with patience and kindness will bring out the Cardigan’s  devotion, their desire to  please their partner.  If they trust you there is no where they will not go.  So be careful what you ask for though.  Just ask Remi!   It was truly a wonderful year in the sheep arena with lots of laughs and a few tears.  Remi’s 3 score average was 94 ½ %!  But alas now it is time to level up and get back to work.   cccc-3



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