Looking at Cardigan puppies – a breeder’s responsibility.


puppy1Cardigan breeders go to a lot of trouble to evaluate their puppies relative to the breed standard.  They also know that socializing puppies is part of raising canine good neighbours.  Barb Hoffman shared these photos taken in June this year when she invited a dozen people, from seasoned breeders to new conformation and performance exhibitors, a professional handler, an obedience/rally judge and just plain Cardigan lovers, to help evaluate a litter of 5, 9 week old Cardigan puppies.

Puppies were observed moving naturally, at a “show”puppy2 trot and interacting with each other, adult Cardigans and people to assess their movement and temperament.  The puppies were posed on “stacking blocks” which are a sturdy, non-slip 5” pedestals held firmly in place by heavy duty magnets inside a shallow metal lined box.  Puppies quickly learn that when they stand quietly on the blocks, they get treats.  This allows for safe, quick and easy structural assessment and is great training for future show dogs while the puppies learn that being handled and meeting new people is a good thing. Meanwhile mom Dayna (Ch.Puddleduck Merrymoon Here’s Lookin At Ya Kid) keeps an eye on the others while dad Spencer (Pluperfect Merrymoon Pebble Beach) babysits Miss Sassy Pants.


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