Cardigan Welsh Corgis in Montreal rocked !



Cardigan Welsh Corgis are little known in Quebec and so when a chance came up to show them off at the Montréal Salon National des Animaux de Compagnie in Montréal, myself, and Lynne Ragsdale went with our three Cardigans on 7-8 November 2015. The venue has annually about 40,000 visitors so Lynne and I had the pleasure to introduce Cardigans and the CCCC to hundreds if not thousands of enthusiasts who flocked around our booth.   



People just stopped in their tracks when they saw the Cardigans and ooed over them! It was so exciting ! People of all ages, walks of life, and cultures stopped by and fussed over our Cardigans.  The by-standers were interested and stayed to hear all our information.  We were delighted with the thoughtful questions about Cardigan origins, longevity, any medical issues and activity level and, of course, the differences between Cardis and Pems.


dec3We were moved by people who stopped by and then came back over and over again to see the Cardigans. People in wheelchairs stopped to talk to us and we  met a lady who had lost, not too long ago, a dog she had from Patrick Ormos bred in Quebec who said, ‘’it was the best dog she had in her life’’!  Another elderly lady was moved to tears to see our Cardigans, she had lost hers, acquired in France, at the ripe age of 18! 

Sylvie Denault

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