A New Year & New Beginnings

(And all those New Year’s Resolutions?!)


CCCC  welcomes 2016 with great anticipation, and extends best wishes for the year to all Canadian Cardigans and their people.  Special wishes go out to those of you who are just beginning your journey with Cardigans – whether puppy or adult, what a wonderful addition to your families! 

A new year is a fitting time to share the club’s pride in our Cardigan breeders. The care and dedication they invest in each new generation of puppies ensure that the rest of us are able to enjoy happy, healthy and endlessly entertaining companions who enrich our lives and fill our hearts.  All puppies are special, but there is something completely irresistible about our Cardis, with their sturdy little legs, ever-alert ears, sharp minds and wicked senses of humor!  So, for those of you who are just getting to know your first Cardigan – Welcome!  We’ll hope you’ll find things to interest, and perhaps to inspire, you in these pages.  And if you’re not already a member of the CCCC, why not consider a membership?  You’ll become part of a fabulous network of Cardigan fanciers who are ready to share their interests and expertise.


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