2020 CCCC Award Winners. 

Congratulations  to some wonderful working Cardigans who managed to perform despite a pandemic.

The Versatility Championship VCCh,   Pip (Riverbend Princeton Narrows CGN His AGNs AGNJs TDX UTD RM) handled by Sandie Ellicott

The Versatility Cardigan VC , Sam ( Esrohollow Spirit of Samwise, HT RN AGN AGNJ) handled by Sandie Ellicott

The Pearl Award for 2020, goes to Gloria Graham and Emmett (Bluetrix Denbigh Fido Emmett) for top herding Cardigan. 

The NABs award goes to Lore Lee Bruder and Remi (CH HCHAS DCH Bluetrix Remington Ranch Hand CGN RA HAC HAS HSD SDAS HX).

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