Code of Ethics

  1. Members will consider the welfare of their dogs and that of the breed above any personal gain or profit.

  2. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner exemplifying the principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct, and will demonstrate such principles in the show and obedience ring and in all other canine activities. Members are reminded that sportsmanlike behaviour is to be extended at all times to fellow members and their dogs.

  3. Members pledge to help educate the public about pure-bred dogs in general and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in particular, and will help educate and assist the novice whenever and wherever they can in matters of general care, training and breeding of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

  4. Members who choose to breed dogs will attempt to do so for the improvement of the breed as exemplified by the official standard approved by the Canadian Kennel Club, and with due regard for the purpose of the breed and its physical and mental requirements.

  5. Members who choose to breed will do so selectively by mating only sound dogs of good type and natural ability, in order to reduce faults to a minimum and to attempt to produce sound puppies with type and natural ability which will be a credit to the breed. Members are urged to have their breeding stock tested for all genetic diseases known to the breed (when such tests exist), and to not knowingly breed together two animals at high risk of reproducing such conditions.

  6. Members will keep accurate and complete records of their stock, their mating and their pedigrees, and the disposition of the puppies.

  7. Members will refuse stud service to any bitch that is unregistered or registered on a non-breeding contract, that is less than 12 months or over 8 years of age at the time of service or in obvious poor health, that has serious hereditary faults, or is of unsound temperament. Nor should members use a dog at stud with these faults.

  8. Members will not breed a bitch more often than 2 out of 3 heats, nor use a male at stud to the detriment of his health.

  9. Members will refuse to deal knowingly with unethical breeders and will make every effort to place puppies in a home with adequate facilities where they will receive proper attention and care. Members will not wholesale puppies to pet shops; this provision is not intended to prevent members from considering referrals of prospective puppy buyers from pet shops.

  10. Members will maintain the best possible standards of health and care in all their dogs and will sell puppies that are healthy, free of parasites, properly immunized, properly identified by tattoo or microchip, and at least 7 weeks old on the date the puppy leaves the litter. In the case of puppies sold as possible breeding stock, it is recommend that a record of the dam’s season schedule be supplied to the new owner.

  11. Members will maintain and pass onto purchasers factual and complete health, breeding and registration records, and will furnish a Canadian Kennel Club registration certificate indicating the transfer of ownership as promptly as possible. A three generation pedigree shall also be provided to each purchaser. Where an animal is placed on a co-ownership agreement, the same provisions shall apply and, in addition, the co-owner will be given a written agreement describing the responsibilities of each of the co-owners.

  12. Members will describe to the purchaser fully and fairly the terms of a non-breeding contract where such a contract is made a condition of the sale of an animal because of hereditary faults or because of the nature of the sale or at the discretion of the breeder. A written agreement containing the terms and conditions under which the non-breeding contract may be released shall be entered into and signed by both parties. The purchaser will be furnished with a completed copy of the non-breeding contract and supporting agreement immediately.

  13. Members will advise purchasers of any fault listed in the official breed standard, which the dog may have. Members are urged to offer guarantees against inherited disease appropriate to the purpose for which the dog was sold; ie. an animal sold as show/breeding stock would be quaranteed to pass existing genetic clearances, while an animal sold as a pet would be guaranteed against being unable to function as a pet by such genetic condition.

  14. Members will urge purchasers to have a newly-purchased puppy or adult dog examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt. A further period of 72 hours is granted to return any dog sold for reasons of health.

  15. Members will exercise proper concern and consideration for all dogs in their care at all time. Members will not dispose of sound, healthy dogs which are no longer required in their breeding programme by euthanasia or placement in an animal shelter; members will make every effort to place such dogs in appropriate homes where they will receive proper attention. When such dogs are placed in a home, members will provide a written agreement and a Canadian Kennel Club transfer of ownership as promptly as possible.

  16. Members will advertise in an honest and fair manner and will not misrepresent themselves or their stock or that of fellow members.

  17. Members shall attempt to rescue Cardigans in distress wherever possible, particularly dogs of their own breeding.

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