Approved by the Canadian Kennel Club the 14th of August 2002.

Article 1: Name

The name of the Club shall be the “Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club”.

Article 2: Geographic Area

The Club’s geographic area of operation shall be all of Canada.

Article 3: Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be:

  1. To protect and promote the interests of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Canada.
  2. To promote quality in the breeding of the purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and to further the improvement of the natural qualities, both physical and mental, of the breed.
  3. To educate members, breeders, and judges to accept the Standard of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi as approved by the Canadian Kennel Club as the only Standard of excellence by which the breed shall be judged in Canada.
  4. To assist and encourage owners of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and generally provide advice on the management, training, and showing of their dogs, whether in pet ownership, conformation, obedience, herding, tracking, agility or other activities.
  5. To encourage participation in conformation, obedience, herding, tracking, agility, canine therapy programmes and other activities, which demonstrate the physical and mental qualities of the breed; and to conduct sanction matches, specialty shows, obedience trials, herding tests and other tests and trials under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club.
  6. To encourage sportsmanship, co-operation and mutual interest in all matters relating to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi among all members.
  7. To uphold the by-laws of the Canadian Kennel Club.

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