The Pearl Herding Trophy


Gloria Graham and Anne Gunn introduced this annual herding trophy in 2007 with the objective of encouraging herding in the Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club. The trophy is named after Gloria’s Airlie Denbigh Déjà vu (Pearl) who in 2010 became the first Cardigan to win an Advanced Title in the Canadian Kennel Club Arena Sheep. An engraving of Pearl is featured on the trophy.

The annual award is based on the average of the best three percentage qualifying scores for the calendar year.   The scores can be from any of five herding venues: CKC, AHBA (American Herding Breed Association), and ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America). AHBA and ASCA host trials both in Canada and the USA. The Canadian All-breed herding championship is also an eligible trial. AKC is included because herding trials are not readily available to all CCCC members. The scores can be from cattle, sheep or ducks and from any level and type of herding trial (arena, stock dog, herding trial dog, herding ranch dog, large flock and herding trial arena dog.

The trophy has been awarded to:

  • 2008   Gloria Graham and Pearl (Airlie Denbigh Déjà vu )
  • 2009   Anne Gunn and Beka (Finnshavn Willow FlatsTuktu)
  • 2010   Anne Gunn and Beka (Finnshavn Willow FlatsTuktu)
  • 2011   Anne Gunn and Jake (Welgem’s Black Opal)
  • 2012   Anne Gunn and Beka (Finnshavn Willow FlatsTuktu)
  • 2013   Lore Bruder and Daisy-May (CH East Dawn Victory Ridge)
  • 2014   Lore Bruder and Remi (CH  Bluetrix Remington Ranch Hand)
  • 2015   Lore Bruder and Daisy-May (CH East Dawn Victory Ridge)
  • 2016  CH Bluetrix Remington Ranch Hand RA CGN SDAs HAs
  • 2017: Lore Bruder and Daisy-May (Ch. East Dawn Victory Ridge, CGN, RAE, HSD, HAS, SDAS, CD)
  • 2018: HC, WTCH, HTCH Idyll Dazzle My Heart, RN, HT, CAA, OA, OAJ, RATO, CGC, TKN, HSAsdc, HIAsdc, HXAsd, HSBd, HTAD3s,d, ATDs,d,c, owned by Elaine Ballman of Lafayette, Minnesota
  • 2019: Maja Hurd andHazel (Ch. White Raven Hurricane Hazel RN AGNJ TJ HS RATN)
  • 2020: Emmett (Bluetrix Denbigh Fido Emmett) handled by Gloria Graham

The following rules must be complied with to be eligible for the Pearl Trophy:

  1. All applications for awards must be in writing – email is acceptable.
  2. All applications must be sent to the CCCC Events and Awards Committee.
  3. All applications must be postmarked no later than December 31 of the year that the scores were obtained.
  4. Each dog must have a separate application.
  5. The applicant must provide copies of official score sheets. The original score (for example 90/120) must be provided as well as the percentage and exact details of the date, the type of trial, level, stock and judges.
  6. If a score sheet is not provided, the applicant should notify the CCCC Events and Awards Committee to find a reasonable substitute.

Click here for the entry form and
official regulations in pdf format.

Send your entry to:

Roxanne Michel-Morissette
2206 – 2830 Chemin Ste Foy
Quebec, Quebec G1V 0E3

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