Dear Gay:

I just received the generous donation provided by your Canadian Cardigan Club, and I wanted to take a minute to ask you to pass my gratitude on to all your club members.
I very much appreciate your generosity. The funds will be put to good use, and my girls will be better off for it. Without this support from so many, I fear my girls would not be here now, thriving as they are.
This episode in our lives has been tiring and traumatic, but I know with all my heart that none of us would have come through it without the love and support of so many others.
Please let your members know how deeply touched I am by their prayers, well wishes and support. It means the world to us.
My love to you all,
Barbara, Daisy, Ellie and Eva Miller

The below are letters of thanks for the donations the club has made to aid in relief efforts due to the fires in Australia.


(Mouse over card bottom to click through pages) RSPCA thank you letter 

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