2018 Specialty Merchandise

We’re pleased to offer a terrific collection of specialty merchandise for this year’s National. All pieces are embroidered with the Specialty logo and, with the exception of the tote bag and the ball cap, are available in either black or grey. This year’s logo is done in the colours of the Welsh flag, featuring a stylized maple leaf, Québec’s fleur-de-lis, Ontario’s trillium and, of course, a Cardigan.

Our ordering process is very straightforward. You can place your orders directly with our supplier, Les Impressions 1er Prix, either by emailing the order form to them at: linda@i1p.ca, or by phone at: 450-427-0803. Please also send a copy of your order to Carol at: cridewood@gmail.com. Payment is by VISA or Mastercard, so super easy for everyone, including our members and friends in the USA. There are three delivery options: if you or a friend will be attending the show in August (and we hope you will be!), you can pick up your purchases at the show; or, if you’re unable to pick up at the show, they will be shipped to the address provided, in which case a shipping/handling charge will be added to your total. We can also arrange to have your order brought to the herding trial in September. Finally,
in order to allow time for processing, ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY AUGUST 10, 2018!


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